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Collection: Cold Food Vending Machines

Whether you are operating a vending machine business or providing snack vending machines for your employees, having a real food vending machine not only makes workers happy, but it can lead to better productivity in the office place.

The best food vending machines are ones that can keep food cold. Check out our cold food vending machines for sale, below.

Some foods need to be kept cold - things like sandwiches, yogurt, lunchables and hot pockets - you know, the kind of foods that people want when a bag of chips or a few cookies just doesn't cut it.

Having a refrigerated food vending machine can be the difference between an employee going out to eat or hanging around the office for a quick bite before getting back to work. These machines are ideal for break areas that also have a microwave oven available, although only if you are going to offer foods that need to be reheated.

Not just for vending things you can eat, you can also fill our cold food vending machines with beverages - cans or bottles. This allows you to offer a wide variety of food and drinks in a smaller footprint.

Best of all, our cold food vending machines come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Want an even better warranty? Choose from the 2 or 4 year CPS extended warranties above the Add to Cart button.

All of our cold food machines accept coins or bills. They can also be upgraded to accept credit cards.

Not sure which cold food vending machine to buy? Check out our buyer's guide, which should help you choose the best vending machine for your business.