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Seaga® SnakMart™ SM2300 Combo Vending Machine [New w/ Warranty]

Seaga® SnakMart™ SM2300 Combo Vending Machine [New w/ Warranty]

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Drink Configuration

Seaga®'s #1 seller, the SnakMart SM23 Snack & Drink Combo Vending Machine is great for locations with limited space and that don’t need separate merchandisers for beverages and food.

It’s health and safety compliant and MDB and DEX capable. Although this machine can be placed in almost any location, it’s perfect for laundromats, hotels, gas stations and car rental or car washing businesses.

Extremely versatile, the Seaga SnakMart SM23 Snack & Drink Combo Vending Machine has 7 refrigerated beverage selections factory set to offer three 12 oz. cans, two 16.9 oz bottles, one 20 oz. Sports drink bottle, and one 20 oz. bottle. Its 2-piece design makes moving the unit a breeze!


  • Height: 69.5"
  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 29"
  • Weight: 440 lbs.


  • Just Over 6 Square Feet Required
  • VersaVend dynamic multi-platform vend system allows the largest selection and variety of products to vend of any beverage vendors in the industry.
  • Beverage platform allows you to vend 8 oz, 8.3 oz, 9.5 oz, 11 oz, 12 oz, 13.7 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 16.9 oz, 18.5 oz, & 20 oz bottles, including never before vendible glass & square shaped bottle products.
  • Premium programming features including scheduled discounts, space to sales, and timed lockout features
  • Individual Selection Pricing
  • Complete reporting of sales, items sold, cash and coin on hand
  • Energy Saver Settings
  • Seamless Payment System Integration
  • Customer Friendly Keypad and Display
  • All Metal Product Trays Tilt for Easy Load
  • Healthy Product and NAMA Fit Pick Compatible
  • Live Product Display
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Quiet, Office Friendly Operation
  • Energy Efficient Refrigeration System, CFC Free
  • Modular Construction
  • 3 Selection Refrigerated & Ambient Snack Combo Machine
  • 2-piece design for easy relocation and movement of equipment
  • Brilliant eco-friendly LED lighting standard
  • Refrigerated beverage can vend either bottles or cans. Vibration sensing delivery system ensures product delivery or money back
  • BLACK powder coated finish
  • Optional Credit Card available
  • Setup preconfigured to vend today's most popular drinks & snacks
  • Pull & Tilt Snack Shelves for easy loading
  • English, Spanish, and French languages preloaded


Standard Tray Configuration

  • 3 Trays & 7 Stack Vendor, 23 Selections

Split Configuration

  • 8 Selections, 56 Chips/Pastries
  • 8 Selections, 112 Candy
  • 7 Selections, 85 Standard Beverages & Max Capacity 105

Additional Information

  • Not for outdoor use. Outdoor restriction includes areas inside that are excessively dirty, have temperatures over 90 degrees F and/or 80% humidity or temperatures under 40 degrees F. Installations determined to be classified as Outdoor voids manufacture warranty.
  • Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects.
  • Includes keys, price and location decals as well as Operator's Manual.
  • Click here for operator's manual
  • Set for US currency; other countries available
  • Click here for product brochure
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