Collection: All Refurbished Vending Machines

This page lists every refurbished vending machine that's in stock and ready to ship! Enjoy savings of up to 65% off MSRP, and every one of these vending machines comes with a 6 months parts & technical support warranty!

We ship fast, so whatever vending machine you choose can be delivered inside of a week. Select from a wide variety of refurbished ending machines for sale, below.

Whether you operate a vending machine business or you are looking for vending machines to put in your office, we know you are looking for ones that are dependable, relatively maintenance free and easy to use.

You won't find any used or refurbished vending machines for sale here. We have nothing but brand new vending machines for sale!

No matter what your vending machine requirements are, we're sure to have a vending machine for sale that will meet your needs.

If you're looking for a snack vending machine, we have both countertop and floor models available to you. Everything from gum to candy to chips and crackers can be dispensed from those machines.

We also have soda vending machines for sale. Not just for Coke and Pepsi, these machines can dispense a wide variety of cold beverages in many different can and bottle sizes.

If you don't have room for two or more vending machines, that's no problem, either. We have combo vending machines that can be configured in various different ways, dispensing cold beverages as well as snacks.

We have even more machines designed for more specialized needs. PPE vending machines and cigarette vending machines can be purchased here, as well. The PPE machines are available as both countertop and full size floor models, depending on your needs.

Finally, if your location needs a bill changing machine, we have them, too. Capable of dispensing change for denominations from $1 to $20 bills, they can pump out coins or tokens.

Although all of our snack vending machines accept coins or bills, most businesses know that the more payment options you provide, the more money you will make. All of our vending machine can be upgraded to accept credit cards, as well.

Best of all, our snack vending machines come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Want an even better warranty? Choose from the 2 or 4 year CPS extended warranties above the Add to Cart button on each vending machine's product page.

Not sure which snack vending machine to buy? Check out our Best Vending Machine Buyer's Guide, which should help you choose the perfect solution for your company.