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As important as food vending machines and snack vending machines are, you've got to wash all of that food down with something! That's why a soda vending machine is a must-have for every vending area.

Available in different sizes, we have soda vending machines for sale that are sure to meet your needs. They are capable of accepting coins, bills and even credit cards.

Check out the soda machines we have available, below:

Our soda vending machines are available in several configurations. Not just can vending machines, they can dispense everything from cans to bottles and in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Two of our machines dispense cold drinks only and the others vend snacks as well as beverages.

All of our cold drink vending machines for sale are upright models that stand on the floor. They have different footprints, some a little wider or deeper than others. The larger machines accommodate more bottles and cans - perfect for larger offices. This helps ensure that you don't run out of people's favorite cold beverages before they can be re-filled.

Best of all, these are brand new soda vending machines that come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Want an even better warranty? Choose from the 2 or 4 year CPS extended warranties above the Add to Cart button.

All of our beverage vending machines accept coins or bills. They can also be upgraded to accept credit cards.

If you'd like to offer snacks in addition to cold beverages but you don't have the space for multiple vending machines, be sure to check out our combo vending machines for sale.

Not sure which soda vending machine to buy? Check out our buyer's guide, which should help you choose the best vending machine for your business. Even better, view the table, below, and compare our cold beverage-only vending machines side by side.

Seaga Prosper PR2018 Seaga Envision ENV5B
Sale Price $6,259 $6,999
Monthly Pmt (If Financed) As low as $261/mo (24 months) As low as $292/mo (24 months)
Key Differences Fewer beverage selections, no glass front Far more beverage selections, glass front
# of Selections 18 40
Size of Drinks 8 oz. - 20 oz. 8 oz. - 20 oz.
Drink Capacity 205 (large) - 300 (small) 240 cans/bottles
Front Display Flavor cards (no glass front) Glass
# of Rows 2 5
Ordering System Individual buttons Keypad
Card Reader Yes (optional) Yes (optional)
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Indoor
Color(s) Black Black
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Dimensions 72" tall x 39" wide x 34" deep 72" tall x 39" wide x 37" deep
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