Sample Vending Machine Contract

Once you find a location to place your vending machine and come to an agreement with the business/property owner on how much you'll pay him/her each month (whether that be a fixed monthly rate or a percentage of revenue), you should formalize the agreement by signing a Vending Machine Contract.

Among other things, the Vending Machine Contract should contain the following key components:

  • the term of the agreement (6 months, 1 year, 2 years or other)
  • your right to place a vending machine on the property
  • the fact that you own the vending machine and products (not the business/property owner)
  • your responsibilities to keep the vending machine in good working order and stocked with products
  • the business/property owner's responsibilities to help prevent theft or vandalism and to notify you of any problems
  • how much you'll pay the business/property owner (and when)
  • the fact that you're an independent contractor (not an employee)
  • how and when the contract can be terminated
  • standard legal clauses protecting both parties

In our ongoing efforts to provide vending machine business owners with all the tools and resources they need to be successful, we're happy to let you download this sample Vending Machine Contract free of charge (which is also displayed in the box below).

You can download this sample Vending Machine Contract here.

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