Vending Machine Franchise vs. Start-Up

Here's the problem with a vending machine franchise...

Vending Machine Franchise Start-Up Cost

See the problem? (Hint: It's circled red on the above screenshot from

The Minimum Cash Required (emphasis on the word Minimum, as it's generally a fair amount more) is tens of thousands of dollars. Ouch! For the vast majority of people considering a vending machine franchise, all of those zeroes are a complete non-starter.

What's more, franchising just doesn't make sense in the world of vending and vending machines. If you were thinking of starting a restaurant or gym or gas station or some other business with complex systems that is dependent on name/brand recognition and/or national marketing... sure, franchising can make a lot of sense.

But a vending machine franchise?

You'd be hard-pressed to think of a more basic, straightforward business. You simply don't need franchise-level support in order to be successful... and you certainly don't need to pay out a portion of all your monthly profits as franchise fees.

We offer a much better alternative, summarized in the following table (and then expanded upon down below)...

  Vending Machine Franchise New Start-Up with Our Help
Start-Up Costs $30,000+ $0
Ongoing Franchise Fees 5-15% of revenue 0% - $0 - Zilch!
Education & Resources Yes Yes - click here
Step-by-Step Guide Sometimes Yes - click here
Help with Licenses Yes Yes - click here
Vending Machine Contract Template Yes Yes - download here
Machine Purchasing Options Restricted & highly priced Low prices - see our selection
Product Purchasing Options Restricted Unrestricted - just advice

Bottom line: We offer you virtually all of the same resources and benefits you'd get from a vending machine franchise... except for free. No start-up costs. No ongoing franchise fees. Nothing.

What's the catch? There isn't one. Seriously. We just hope that you decide to purchase your vending machines through us instead of from someone else. (And there's no reason not to... we offer the best brand, a low-price guarantee and several other benefits.)

Let's take a closer look at each of the items listed in the table above.

Start-Up Costs

To be honest, we have no idea how vending machine franchises can possibly justify charging $30,000 or $50,000 to their franchisees. For what exactly? Our free guide How to Start a Vending Machine Business walks you step by step through the entire process... and again, it's free.

So how can the start-up cost with us be zero when you have to buy a vending machine and stock it full of products? Because you can finance the entire purchase (including a gift card to buy products to stock the machine). So instead of shelling out thousands of dollars up front to buy the machine and products, you can pay zero up front cash and pay for them over time out of your monthly profits.

It's a super simple process, too... just add the vending machine you want to your shopping cart, then choose KLARNA during checkout. Getting approved takes about 2 minutes, and you never even leave our website.

Ongoing Franchise Fees

Here again, how do vending machine franchises possibly justify the ongoing royalties/fees you pay to them? After outlaying tens of thousands of dollars up front, who wants to pay an ongoing 5-15% of their revenue each month as franchise fees?

Again... for what?

Operating a vending machine business is extremely simple, especially with today's technology. Your vending machine software tells you what's selling well, what's not, when to reorder products, when something is out of stock, and a whole lot more. Unlike the good ol' days, you don't need to visit your vending machine every couple/few days to make sure you're not sold out and missing out on sales.

And it's not like the franchise is providing you with essential marketing or support, either. There's simply no reason you should have to part with a portion of your ongoing revenue or profits.

Education, Guides, Licenses & Contract Templates

Franchises generally provide their franchisees with all kinds of tools and resources, which is great. But is it worth $30,000 or $50,000?

We provide all of this for free in our Business Hub... and even before you buy a vending machine from us. As mentioned above, there's no catch... we just want to earn your trust so you'll buy your vending machines from us.

Machine & Product Purchasing Options

When you're a franchisee, the franchise almost always forces you to buy your vending machine and your products from them. Why do they do that? So they can make even more money off you by marking up the prices.

Like we've stated, we're hoping you'll buy your vending machines from us since that's how we make money. But our prices are low... guaranteed to be the lowest online. And again, you can finance 100% of the purchase (including an extended protection plan and a pre-paid gift card to stock your machine with products).

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you with your vending machine business!