Allied Vending: The Web's #1 Vending Machine Supplier

It's easy to claim you're the web's best supplier of vending machines. But read on, and we'll prove it to you!

Here are the top 5 reasons you'd be silly to buy your (next) vending machine anywhere else...

  1. We sell the #1 brand on the market: Seaga Vending Machines. We spent months analyzing and comparing all of the best-selling vending machine brands available. Seaga stood head and shoulders above the rest... so much so that we actually stopped selling the other brands! Seaga machines are simply the best-made and most reliable vending machines on the market. Their Endura motors are rated for over 2 million vends, and they are extreme versatile in how you can customize them (i.e. number of slots/selections, configuration, etc.). They have a very clean, industrial look (proven to generate more sales) and offer a debit/credit card reader (which is very important in today's world where many consumers don't carry cash). Most importantly, Seaga has been around for over 30 years and warrants all of their machines.

  2. We offer the lowest prices on the web... guaranteed! Our staff compares our prices to other retailers on a daily basis and ensures that our prices are always the lowest. Rest assured that you're getting the best price possible when you shop here on

  3. We offer 24-36 month financing on all vending machines, right here on our website. You can get approved in minutes without any impact on your credit score. Several of our vending machines will cost you less than $100 per month, making it possible for you to start a vending machine business with zero money down and pay for machine over time out of your monthly profits.

  4. We offer extended protection plans others don't, as well as the option to add a pre-paid gift card to top soda/snack/product suppliers... and allow you to finance those add-ons along with the vending machine purchase! By rolling these purchases into the price of the vending machine, you can truly start a vending machine business without a single penny!

  5. In our Business Hub, we provide franchise-level education, tools and resources to help you succeed as a vending machine operator... all at zero cost. From deciding what to sell and where to sell it to getting the necessary licenses and permits to knowing where to go to stock & re-stock your machine (and much, much more), we've got you covered... all for free! You can start here with our step-by-step guide on starting a vending machine business.

See why we're the web's top vending machine supplier? Top brand. Best prices. Financing options. Unique add-ons. Free guides and resources.

We don't just sell vending machines... we provide our customers with everything they need to succeed with your vending machine business.

If you have any questions about our vending machines, our website or the vending business, please don't hesitate to reach out.

To your success,

The Allied Vending Team
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