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4-Year Extended Warranty by CPS

4-Year Extended Warranty by CPS

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Vending Machine FAQs

How are your vending machines shipped?

The majority of our vending machines are transported via freight, and we've got your convenience covered by including the cost of a lift gate (the platform that gently lowers your vending machine down to the curb) during delivery. If your vending machine is shipped via freight, the shipping service company will proactively reach out to you to coordinate the delivery. It's essential to provide your best daytime phone number during checkout for this purpose. Keep in mind that while the freight delivery drivers are required to lower the vending machine from their truck and place in at ground level, they aren't obliged to the specific location you intend to set the machine up (although a $20 tip goes a long way with most drivers!).

We're here to help, so contact us with any questions!

Can I use my vending machine outdoors?

While most vending machines are meticulously designed for optimal indoor use, there exists a select breed engineered to thrive in the great outdoors. These specialized vending machines seamlessly blend durability with cutting-edge technology, offering a robust solution for businesses seeking to cater to outdoor spaces. Built to withstand the elements, these outdoor vending machines assure longevity without compromising on functionality. From bustling street corners to serene park settings, these weather-resistant marvels redefine the vending experience, ensuring that refreshments and snacks are always within arm's reach, no matter where the day takes you. Elevate your vending possibilities with machines crafted not just for the indoors, but for the boundless potential of the open air.

What are the PROs and CONs of combo machines?

In general, we recommend a side-by-side setup with one snack machine sitting next to a drink machine. Why? Because this allows you to offer far more options to customers, and will greatly increase your revenue. The only time it makes sense to utilize a combo vending machine is when your space is extremely limited and you simply do not have the room to place 2 full size machines.

What is the 110% Lowest Price Guarantee?

We know our prices are the lowest anywhere, because we literally check every morning when we get into the office! :)

However, if you find a lower price on the same vending machine you buy here on Allied Vending with another legitimate authorized retailer, we will issues a partial refund for 110% of the price difference. That's why you can shop here with assurance you are getting the best deal possible!

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