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Awesome Machine

Very well made machine. I looked into several machines but this seemed to be the most affordable for how much capacity there was in the machine. Margaret was great to work with and answered all of my questions quickly. Highly recommend Allied Vending.

I was very please with the quick delivery of product

I was very happy with the ease of ordering the product. The rep I worked with Margaret was awesome from start to finish.
The only thing I was not very happy with, was no mounting brackets or screws.

Fast delivery

5 stars

Fantastic vending machine. I give it 5 stars.

Seaga Infinity INF5S Snack Vending Machine
Camden Malm
highest quality

I have purchased Seaga vending machines in the past and I'll never be caught using another at this point in my career. The credit card readers are a game changer for my business. You have to pay a small percentage to the processor but it is well worth the additional business it brings in. In my 6 years of using Seaga machines, I have had a dollar bill get jammed in the machine once but it was an easy fix with no professional help. These machines are very durable and well built. You can feel the quality.

I love it

Exceptional machine. This is my third purchase from Allied Vending and couldn't be happier. Thanks Margaret for the help!

Bigger than expected

The picture makes it look tiny, but this is still a fairly big machine. It takes up the entire depth of a standard countertop so just be prepared for that. Seems very high quality. Can't wait to get it set up to see how it does for me money-wise.

Seaga Infinity INF5C Snack & Soda Combo Vending Machine
George Sims
Great Machine

This machine alone has made me over $1500 of profit in the first month. I added it to a local applesauce factory with 75 employees and it has done really well. I will be getting a second machine as soon as I can finalize a second placement for a machine.


works great. no issues at all.

Quantity is good

I really like this machine. The quantity held is very good which makes restocking much easier and les frequent.

Seaga Infinity INF5B Soda Vending Machine
Jasper V
perfect vending machine

huge capacity with credit card reader is exactly what i needed. dont risk it with any other machine if you are looking for a soda machine vendor. well worth the money.

Fast delivery

Very fast delivery. Product exactly as advertised.

Smaller than anticipated

Love the machine, just wish I had gotten something a bit bigger. I have to switch out the snacks more often than expected so that is frustrating. I have no complains about the machine itself I just wish I would have gotten something a bit bigger.

Seaga Infinity INF4S Snack Vending Machine
Sam Christensen
Big Fan

I'm a big fan of this vending machine. My only regret is not going with the combo vending machine because it would be nice to have a machine that could dispense cold drinks. Oh well, next time I guess. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Great variety

What an absolute delight this machine is! It can hold a variety of chips, candy bars or other snacks. It is very simple to setup and to maintain. I considered several models from many different manufacturers and am so glad that I settled on the Snak Mart machine from Seaga.

Great little machine for my insurance office

I run a small insurance office in the Salt Lake City area and have clients coming in & out every day. This machine is the perfect size to accomodate my small office. I have to fill it once or twice a week is all and it gives my daughter something to do and something to be in charge of. Very happy with this machine and would definitely suggest other small business owners to go with this vending machine.

Perfect for my bar

I've definitely seen an increase in sales since installing this bill changer in my bar. Very happy with my purchase.